3.14 (reve119) wrote in stuttering,

Watching others stutter

Right now, I'm watching "One Flew Over The Cuckoo's Nest." One of the characters has a stutter.

Now, with regards to my own stuttering, 98% of the time I'm fine with it. It was pretty severe when I was younger, usually mild now (i.e. past 4ish years). I feel like my fluency really improved, as well as my feelings towards stuttering, once I stopped letting my disfluency bother me. Now granted, 2% of the time I may have a particularly bad stutter, but I generally am just like, "Phew!" when I stop, and just start over. Not letting it overly bother me, kinda making fun of myself and acknowledging it a little and just moving on.

Anyway, I said that background information because, while I normally don't have a problem with my own stutter, I kinda cringe when hearing others stutter because it's like, *That's* what I sound like. Honestly...it's kinda horrifying.

How do you feel when you hear someone else stutter?
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