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Huge THANK YOU to Staci for this layout! She's teh shit. :)

ann_septimus is the new mod. Any complaints , suggestions , or otherwise can be left in a comment at her journal.

This community is open to any and all PWS , their friends / family , speech pathology students , anyone who's curious what goes on in our heads , etc. Anonymous commenting and non-member posts have been disabled , in order to create a safe , positive atmosphere. In other words - no more worries. This community is kept open , and we welcome new members. All we ask is that you introduce yourself when you join - we don't generally bite. ;)

Posts are not limited to the topic at hand ; this is designed as a community for stutterers and anyone interested in understanding how we work , as we are all complex , interesting people that happen to have a speech impediment. Post away ;)

The only community guidelines are simple: please be sure to treat the other members with the respect and support that you would like for yourself.

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